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This is the reason behind the existence of speed dating NYC events and other activities.Ask About Children The commonly held starting point of speed dating came about in 1998 when Rabbi Yaacov Deyo introduced it in Los Angles as a way for young Jewish singles who were intent on marriage to meet. Telephone, email address etc are only passed on if both parties request it, or if you do so at the table together (depends on the event).Many people view speed dating as a throw of the dice for the desperate, but far from being the case it is often very successful individuals who take part - people who don't have the time to take out from their lifestyles to meet people in the more traditional manner. Another important point to consider while jotting down speed dating questions is about the occupation. Keeping the conversation flowing is very important. With such a short time if any silent moments creep in you can forget having another date. Ask open ended questions that can lead into something else that you'll be familiar with. But for the sake of respecting the person, the only thing that you can do is to eat, talk and spend a couple of hours with that individual speed dating. This is from the clothes you are wearing to the way you are walking, sitting and talking. You better depict the highest point of comfort and you will reap the best in terms of love and romance. When you go to speed dating dc and don't have a great experience at one event, keep on trying. I believe there is a man or woman out there for everyone. Before the event, try thinking of some good questions to ask the person sitting opposite you. Don't use the usual lines like "Do you come here often?" or "What's your sign?" Have questions in mind that will really let you get a good feel for the person. While this may not be a problem for many people, children may not be in the cards for others.If there is something that has all the traits of a God given technique of making love, speed dating is the best system that beats all of them. It is so effective as to make men and women trust it more than any other dating technique that the world has ever seen.