Speed dating的新水平的概念

The size of the speed dating event will determine how many people you are exposed to. You could sit with someone for as little as 3 minutes or as much as 10 minutes. Some will click with you but you will not click with them, some will leave you cold while they will think you are a hot prospect. Speed datingThere is no formula and no guarantee. You may have to attend more than one speed date event before you find someone that is a match for a real date. If you walk away without a good prospect, do not be discouraged and do not feel rejected. Remember that many others have the same experience. It's a numbers game really. Keep at it until you succeed.Speed dating It beats being rejected by someone in your current sphere of life whom you might see every day.the people there have nothing really in common with the people there: As savvy and gifted as they are, women wantSpeed dating the same things that men want. They simply want someone who is real, communicates well and has a solid sense of direction in life. These dating events are really "artificial" dates designed to bring strangers together to see if there are common interests or chemistry that could result in one or more "real" dates . These dating events giveSpeed dating you the chance to see if there is some spark before you go further. It avoids pursuing unrealistic expectations. Speed dating also teaches us that there are many fish in the sea and not just one perfect catch for each of us. Of course this is just not true.Speed dating Mate matching companies make billions claiming to match people by selling the idea that they can help you find that one perfect person for you. The world is a big place and, while personalities vary from person to person as do physical appearance, to say there is only one person in the world for each of us is ridiculous. Online dating and speed dating are the perfect examples of a filtered venue. A filtered venue by definition means that people at the venue have something in common with each other. Like a speed dating event, everyone is there because they want to meet a potential girlfriend .